Lines Represented

     Ametek SFMS  - Pressure Transducers, Temperature Sensors, Speed Sensors, Fuel Flow Meters, Potable & Waste System Components

 AMETEK PDS logo   Ametek Power and Data Systems  - Power Distribution Unit (AC Secondary Power, DC Secondary Power), Solid State Relays, Circuit Breaker Panels, Electric Motors (DC Brush Motor, DC Brushless Motors), Actuators ( Linear & Rotary), Data Acquisition Units

       Ametek Thermal Management Systems

       Rotron -  Air Movers and Blowers, Axial, Mixed Flow, Centrifugal, Vanaxial Tubeaxial Fans, Direct Drive Fans.

         Hughes Treitler -   Plate Fin Heat Exchangers for Commercial & Military Engines & Airframe Systems.


                            FMH Aerospace Logo                FMH Aerospace -   Flexible Metal Hoses, Bellows, Ducts and Tubes, sheet Metal Assemblies.

                                           Airtechnology Group -    Thermal Control; Heaters, Fan Heaters & Controlers. Motion Control; RVDT, Resolvers, Encoders, DC Brushed Motors, PMA Alternators. Fans; Mixed Flow, Centrifugal, Axial, Sand Savage Fan/Gear Box Cooling.

              PDT    PDT -  Liquid Cooling Systems (PAO, EGW, PGW, Freon, Jet Fuels, Hydraulic Oils). Thermal Management Components  (Accumulators & Reservoirs, Pumps, Purge/Fill Systems, Thermal Control Valves).


 Spectrum -  Build to Print Hydraulic Fuel Assemblies, Manifolds, Breakaway Valves, Pressure Switches.